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'JspDoc' targets Administrators and Jsp Developers and allow them to

Why, What

There is no standard tools to document a jsp collection analogous to Javadoc for java packages. We had to develop a set of presentation jsp and java classes documenting jsp providing Those features are implemented with 3 jsps and a set of Java classes supporting jsp parsing and some data processing to simplify the jsp presentation task (selecting and sorting).


The benefit of such an approach is that the jsp is the unique source of information not only for processing of course but also for documenting what services are provided (a jsp becomes a self documenting unit). As with javadoc, this system has the intelligence of what the Jsp structure is and tells a lot without verbose over documentation by the jsp programmer: the documentation section should really be a functional description of the service provided by the jsp, jspDoc complements it providing intelligent information about all the different elements processed by the jsp: what are the directives used, what are the beans or taglibs entries used, what are the Java objects and the methods called (either in scriptlet or expressions)…

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